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Our Team

Exceptional People. Extraordinary Results.


Michael Miner

Founder & Principle

Michael was raised on a farm in southern Oregon and participated in high school and college sports. by doing so he learned the values of working hard and teamwork.

Michael enjoyed 30 years success in the wood products industry while fostering a passion for land developing. He made the jump in 2018, starting OCG near Seattle in 2019. Today he focuses on the creative processes of taking dirt to entitlement for single and multi-family projects. Michael and our team are currently bringing 1500 multi-family and 226 single-family properties to market worth over 500 million.

Michael and his dog (Oscar) spend quality time with family and friends exploring the waters and mountains near Seattle.


Alex Holtze


Alex is second generation entrepreneur and property developer. His father, having built a thriving national chain of boutique hotels. 

Being raised in Colorado then attending University of Colorado, Alex spent his early years in the insurance industry. He developed great love for the outdoors and respect for mitigation. Refocusing his career later in life, he went back to University of Washington earning masters in real estate finance, development, and investments . During and afterward, he began developing a few properties for multifamily.  Joining Olympic Capital Growth in 2020, he now works with Michael developing and focuses on the metrics of investment, financing, and ROI. Making sure we walk before running, and not with scissors. Alex is an integral half of the company management.  

Alex spends time with his two teen daughters and friends hiking, attending concerts, and being social.

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